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   The Ultimate Study Abroad Experience
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Campus Abroad helps you experience the most unforgettable adventures of your life. Our study abroad programs do everything possible to ensure you experience the richness of various cultures, to incorporate a part of the world at large into your own experience.

You can count on Campus Abroad to provide our students with exceptional locations, clean and comfortable living quarters, a large range of courses and activities to choose from, and professional directors, guides and instructors during their international study experience. Stateside, we work with students to help plan every detail of their stay — from coursework, or internship, to excursions and accommodations. Our experienced staff works with you each step of the way and continues on-site in our host countries to ensure a comfortable, fun, safe stay for our students during their international study experience.

We coordinate and work with students, parents, university faculty, instructors, directors, hosts, and advisers to be sure your visit is seamless and productive.

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  The Campus Abroad Programs Way
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Superior Comfort
Campus Abroad Programs provides several options for your stay, including homestay, apartments or dorms, depending on your preference and study abroad program of choice.

Fabulous Locations
Our study abroad programs give you the opportunity to travel to some of the most famous places in the world and experience the culture firsthand, as you earn credits.

Earn College Credits
Many host universities offer credits that may transfer to the university of your choosing. Attend classes or workshops in the local language and receive assistance with translation from our on-site staff members, or attend English-speaking classes.

Meet Students from the USA, and Around the World.
Meet others like you — those wanting to travel and experience the world to gain a professional edge and personal enrichment.

Excursions are included in many of our study abroad programs. Enjoy day trips or overnight getaways to famous places and landmarks — with room and board included at no extra charge.

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  Why Campus Abroad Programs?