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October 20, 2017
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November 13, 2017

Let’s face it we are all foodies uploading pictures and writing reviews of our dining experience on social sites like Yelp, Instagram and Twitter. This summer in Florence we came across many gelato shops naturally because it is the birthplace of Italian ice cream. With that said, we wanted to try authentic, homemade gelato and found three favorites which surprisingly are not included in most mainstream blogs. It is the handmade “artigianale” taste, the different flavors and consistencies we can’t stop craving.


Don Nino

Run, don’t walk to this craftsmen delicacy establishment! Don Nino is run by two friends with locations throughout Italy, but this particular shop in Florence faces the breathtaking cathedral in the Piazza Duomo. All of the gelato is hand crafted using natural ingredients free of hydrogenated fats and oils. They offer nine specialty flavors with ingredients like vanilla pods, seven types of chocolate, custard, toasted hazelnuts, and of course Nutella. Said to have the best cannolis in the city, Don Nino also serves three blended coffees and a selection of pastries made on-location.



This shop also in the Piazza del Duomo reads, “Il Gelato Biologico” or “The Organic Ice Cream.” Edoardo first caught our attention by the lines outside followed by the crisp smell of homemade waffle cones. It is a full on mom and pop shop that is named after the founders’ son and raves as the first organic gelato in Tuscany. Edoardo also creates organic sorbets from fresh seasonal fruits like rasberries, pears, peaches, and apricots even utilizing the skin of the fruit for healthy fiber and strong flavor. Try the customized egg and white wine, coconut or lavender flavors and everyone’s favorite hazelnut. The options can be combined for a unqiue taste. Yes, even Beyonce is a fan of Edoardo.


Perche’ No!

This gelateria located on Via dei Tavolini is a favorite of the locals and tourists since 1939. It is another hole in the wall that offers vegan ice cream but does not compromise its flavors, so those with a sweet tooth need not worry. Still, ingredients from around the world like saffron, cinnamon and pink rose syrup comprise the 25 flavor varieties. A bit higher-priced than most gelato stores, the rose, pistachio, sesame seed and honey, and maracuja are must-tries. Stroll through the historic center searching for verses written by Dante placarded on building walls with a gelato in hand.



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