Amalfi Coast



Business in the European Union #: BUAD 6213 Credits: 3 (45 contact hours)

This course is intended to provide the student with a comprehensive introduction to business in the European Union. The course describes how economic, political and social factors interrelate, and influence business in Europe. Students will use a framework to research sustainable business practices from different European Union member state’s perspective. Guest lecturers and field trips are planned for students enrolled in the study abroad program.

Territory and Entrepreneurship: Tradition, Sustainability and Competition #: ECON 5133 Credits: 3 (45 contact hours)

The course aims to analyze the relationship between sustainability, economy, quality and globalization. It will also focus on the European Union and sustainable development. Other included topics will be: the food industry in Italy (focusing on the Campania region), organic farming in Italy, “local food, local market, local business” and sustainable tourism in Italy.

International Tourism: Italian Food and Geography #: BUAD 3114 Credits: 4 (60 contact hours)

The course presents concepts of tourism relating to food and geography, using Italy as its example. The course is relevant to students of all backgrounds but was designed specifically for students of hospitality, business, and culinary arts. Students will study international organizations operating in tourism (i.e. WTO) and the different types of tourism, with particular attention paid to sustainable tourism.

Students will be asked to investigate the tourism geography of Italy, becoming familiar with the most important tourist sites in Italy and Campania (through several excursions). The third module of the course will be dedicated to a very important kind of tourism in Italy and of the Campania: Food and Wine Tourism.