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City Life: Sorrento, Italy

Your stay in Italy puts you in the heart of a legendary landscape, where you’ll explore a history-rich region that is the very cornerstone of Italian culture and the picturesque center of international tourism. Your Italian home will be one of the most popular cities in all of Europe — Sorrento! Set on the cliffside of the Gulf of Naples, its charming cobblestone streets lead to quaint cafés, open-air markets and trattorias serving delicious food, as well as internationally renowned art galleries, museums and world-class shopping!

Sorrento remains the most elegant of Italian towns with a plethora of shop-filled plazas, chic boutiques, museums and magnificent architectural landmarks. Sorrento is set between the sea and the mountains, which provides ample opportunities for swimming, hiking and other outdoor activities. The mild, sun-drenched Mediterranean climate, the friendly southern hospitality, and the trattorias alive with conversation and amazing cuisine have made Sorrento the living heart of the Italian lifestyle — known throughout Europe and the world.