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March 1, 2018

City Life: Rome, Italy

To embark on the trip of a lifetime, adventurous travelers can reach by air or sea, the unforgettable city of Rome.  In one breath, the imaginings of Roman chariots and soldiers mix with the vistiors’ first sight of the impressive dome of St. Peter’s Basilica. One will soon realize that Rome is a city of intense beauty and stark contradictions, at almost every turn.

This capitol of Italy is home to the Pope and Vatican City.  As the seat of the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican City is considered by many around the world, to be their spiritual home.  Religion dominates the city, but its’ civilian politics are lively and robust as well.   While it has borne witness to the beginnings of Christianity, it also reminds the visitor of the horror of some of the “games” that were played in the Colosseum.

Soon after arrival in the wondrous place, the visitors will get a stronger sense of Rome, by wandering along the narrow lanes of the historic city center.  Strolling through the adjacent neighborhoods will imbue the visitor with the Italian warmth and charm.  The strong aroma of fresh coffees and the happy laughter of locals as they eat and drink together tell the true character of “Roma”.

The city’s nightlife begins as the day’s heat gives way to cooler breezes.  Activity is brisk in Rome’s streets, with cocktail bars, restaurants, cafés and late night clubs filled with locals and tourists alike.

A significant part of the city’s beauty is to be found in the variety of artistic endeavors accomplished there over the centuries of its’ life.  Ancient icons such as the Colosseum, Pantheon and Forum speak to of the days long before Christianity, when Rome was the “capitol of the world”.  In abundant sculptures and paintings throughout the city, Rome has pushed the boundaries of artistic achievement and masterpieces seem to abound at every turn

The culture and history in the city extend to multiple levels beneath the Rome, which is visible to the human eye today.  Archeologists are working now, to uncover and study the many layers of human life which occurred on what is currently Roman land, but predates Roman history.  Curious visitors may choose to inquire into the cultures that have been thus far unearthed, beneath Rome.

Rome’s robust life extends even to the neighborhood trattorias, where visitors and Romans join, to enjoy wonderful foods and superb wines, in the midst of the city where the likes of Michelangelo and Raphael lived and worked.  It is indeed, the city of dreams!