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Feel the energy of a vibrant, cosmopolitan, modern metropolis. When in Sydney, you’ll experience the unique blend of both ancient tribal history and modern life in a very real way. Sydney’s Aboriginal culture is of the oldest on the planet, spanning 40,000 years. Its modern history is marked by continuous evolvement and change from the migration of immigrants from nearly every country in the world.

Prepare to experience diversity! While ‘down under’ and seemingly remote, you’ll find Sydney is home to large populations of Middle Eastern, African, Chinese and U.S. ex-pats, as well as Italians, Greeks, Vietnamese, Turks, Thais, Indonesians and Lebanese citizens. Over one third of Sydney’s residents speak a language other than English at home, such as Arabic, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Greek and Mandarin, to name a few.

Visit fabulous, nearby locations such as the gorgeous Blue Mountains or Hunter Valley. Take high tea at local art galleries, visit outdoor movie centers, spend a lazy day at one of its many spectacular beaches, or attend a concert at its famed Opera House. Sunny and subtropical, Australia’s climate is rich and varied, with mild winters, lush greenery, farmland, and desert spaces – perfect for getting out and exploring all that this fabulous city has to offer!

Interesting shops, markets, and craft bazaars provide interesting finds for both visitors and residents. From boomerangs and didgeridoos, to opals and artwork, local artisans provide everything from traditional Aboriginal creations, to more modern souvenirs and jewelry. Incidentally, most of the world’s opals are mined from Australia.

Sports enthusiasts will be in their element in Sydney. Home to rugby, football (soccer), cricket, golf and tennis, sports lovers may attend professional events, or seek out local leagues.

Originally founded by Admiral Arthur Phillip as a British penal colony, Sydney Harbour was first described as “the finest harbour in the world”. This sprawling harbor is the largest natural harbor in the world, a contributing factor to Sydney’s rise as a global economic force. The harbor’s deep sapphire waters are home to countless yachts and boating enthusiasts. Tours, paddleboats and other experiences await those who want to spend a day navigating the waters of one of Australia’s most treasured ports.

As a leading international destination and economic player, Sydney is a major player in global economics, known for finance, manufacturing and tourism. Worldwide markets make strategic use of Australia’s timezone, spanning the close of business on the North American West coast, and start of the business day in Europe. Home to many thriving industries and businesses, as well as multinational companies; it ranks eleventh on the Global Economic Power Index.