Packing Tips for Every Traveler
November 17, 2017

If you are taking a road trip:

Pack snacks like fruits and sandwiches to keep your appetite at bay. Secondly, hit the road early. The last thing you want to do is sit in traffic for an extended period of time to get to your familial destination. You can also play games and activities in the car which will be sure to make the time go faster in a fun way!

If you are flying out:

Check for last minute flight deals on sites like Southwest and SmartDeals and you might catch a lucky break. Then, prepare your luggage, do an early flight check-in and head to the airport with some time to spare. Holiday weekends like Thanksgiving are sure to delay your travel times no matter where you are. Another important thing to do is check flight status due to any weather conditions so you can plan your day accordingly.


If you are riding on a train or public transportation:

Like airports and highways, train stations become the busiest during Thanksgiving, the start of the holiday season. That’s especially true for the Wednesday before followed by the Sunday after. Arrive to the station 30 minutes prior boarding to avoid any long lines. Checking any train delays is also helpful to budget your time. Once you are in your seat, you can keep busy with your electronics snapping scenic views and taking advantage of the (usually free) WiFi.





Adhere to the holiday spirit and its Golden Rule. Be respectful and courteous, everyone’s in the spirit!


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